Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Lifter Link / Plasmoid Containment Idea

Lifter Link
This one's been around for a while too:
Amercian Antigravity

And hey, right at the top, there's a link to Bob Bussard's last lecture about fusors. It's all interconnected man...

Plasmoid Containment Idea
Have an idea regarding the microwave plasma experiment - possibly contain the plasma with an inverted lifter where the sides form a three-sided pyramid. Where the three planes of air currents converge, at the apex of the pyrimid, is where I imagine the plasmoid being contained. Another benefit is that the noxious Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) from the plasmoid might combine with the lifter's ozone (O3) to produce not-so-bad nitrate (NO3) and good ol' O2.

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